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- A,B,Sea is a thematic Sea and Abc board game designed to promote early learning. 

- Children get aquainted with real sea creatures and learn to recognize letters. 

- Also first steps in reading can be taken. 

- Equipped with unbelievably beautiful pictures of underwater world. 

- as an extra thrill the players collect dolphin miniatures, when stop at the dolphin spaces. Every player has a gaming box to keep the dolphin miniatures

- there are two winners in the game: the one, who collected the most of picture/letter card and the other, who collected the most of dolphins. This tactic smoothes playing with younger participants

- rollable, cleanable and safe game board
- miniature fish figures as game pawns
- 40 cards with quality photos 
- 2-4 players
- playing time 10-50 min.
- we suggest age limit 4+ years

CE- marked    EAN-code     

Gaming board 38 x 88 cm        

Packaging ø 8 x 40 cm

Retail price  
US$19.90 world wide (VAT 0%)  
€ 19.90  inside EU (VAT 20%) 

Launch date  5th of March 2018              Preorders 

- Retailers and whole sellers inquiries welcome
- Brochures available

Shopper stand for five games Size (L)340 x (W)190 x (D)400 mm, tubes placed horizontally