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Broken Picture

Broken Picture
…is a board game and puzzle in the same package. The players get fragments to make the picture solid. The number of the place to fix is raffled by dice or Lite Lion a quick value numerical method. Who is the fastest to fix the picture?
It’s a speedy parlour game in a mini size of 20x32 cm. A variety of templates available.
The game is great as a business or presentation gift, as ad material, company souvenir or pat of travel set. Revolutionary production technics allow building in logos, pictures and other advertisement materials against clients’ needs.
The package includes:
Gaming mat, anti-slip bottomed polyester fabric
12 pcs tokens
Sticker sheet with pictures and additional numbers
Age preference 3+
2-3 players
Gaming time 5-10 min
Gaming mat 32x20 cm
Package 50 x ø 8 cm
Release date: 28.3.2019 Pre-order:
MSRP US$4.99 worldwide (VAT 0%)
RRP € 4.99 inside EU (VAT 20%)
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