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Animals and Numbers

Children love animals. 

- Lite Lion game Animals and Numbers is a funny and educational board game. 

- No need for a dice. The game progresses by raising a card with quality animal photos and numbers. 

- Make a journey in the the world of funny and friendly animals of all sizes from mouse to elephant and learn to use and compare numbers from 1 to 10. 

- If you are lucky, the birds carry you to the nest.

- rollable, cleanable and safe game board
- miniature animal figures as game pawns
- 60 cards with quality animal photos and numbers
- 2-4 players
- playing time 10-30 min.
- we suggest age limit 3+ years

CE- marked    EAN-code     

Gaming board 38 x 60 cm        

Packaging ø 8 x 40 cm

Retail price  
US$17.90 world wide (VAT 0%)  
   € 17.90  inside EU (VAT 20%) 

Launch date  5th of March 2018              Orders

- Retailers and whole sellers inquiries welcome
- Brochures available

Shopper stand for five games Size (L)340 x (W)190 x (D)400 mm, tubes placed horizontally