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Road Transport

Lite Lion Road Transport Game

- A unique road freight board game, packed with lots of fun activities.
- Big rollable gaming board suitable to play on the table or any other appropriate surface.
- Plenty of supplementary material, posh money.
- Starting point and roads can be chosen by player to keep thrill of novelty for longer. 
- Realistic pictures and delivery jobs straight from the transport entrepreneur's life, highlighted with fun details.
- Spiced with fun details and lenient humor.
  When delivering freight, the players obey the traffic rules, take care about fuel, car services and spare parts, pay drivers’ salaries, taxes, insurance, catering and vacations. Complicated? Not really.  The parts can be introduced little by little if desired. Multi-dimensional set gives the opportunity to develop one’s skills, business sense and progress with every game.
  As the game move forward, new fright orders and unexpected situations on the road emerge. Hectic working day is made by second driver, when the first is on vacation. The game keeps the player thrilled and employed. Players’ business sense is tested with a lot of moving parts and preventive self-accomplished measures as well as possibilities to grow the business by buying new/bigger vehicles. 
  The lay-out includes both: the gaming spread as well as cards, polettes, marker crystals. 
  As the game goes on, Players also earn credentials, which moves them to the next qualification level. As well as in real life, mistakes cost both, money and credit. New levels give the opportunity for higher income.
The winner is the one, who has made the best in profit, employment, hardcore  and credit, just as in real life. Hardworking and business sense is prized. As well one needs a bit of good luck also :)
The games can be described as multi-leveled, real life based and educative game for whole family. 
-  We suggest age limit of 7 and up. 
-  2-4 players, duration 60-180 min.
-  CE - marked    EAN - code 
-  Gaming board 58 x 116 cm 
-  Package 59 x 20 x 8 cm
-  Launch date 8.2.2018 

Road Transport in tube,  59 x ø 10 cm :

MSRP US$39.90  world wide (VAT 0%)  
RRP      € 39.90 EU EEC (VAT 20%) 


Special edition
Road Transport Game is also available as a special edition customized for specific groups as e.g. companies’ stuff, promotional needs or corporate gifts. New brands, logos, trademarks can be integrated into the lay-out, both on the gameboard or task cards. Suitable for most industries.