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Sailing Race

Sailing Race

A new age board game
- Played with or without dice
- Large, rollable gaming mat suitable to play on the table, floor or beach sand
- Fast forward way to play, no step by step snail moves
- Suitable for travel, at the beach, fast to begin and not necessary to beware few drops of water
Sailboats sail downwind or move upwind, depending on wind side. Tough completion is causing bumps time to time.
But the Finish is so close!

The game suits any age. The youngest ones can be helped a bit to follow the route. Children learn some maths and logistics along the route. Fun parlour game for whole family from 4 year old.
The package includes:
- Gaming mat, made of anti-slip polyester fabric
- 4 pcs sailboat tokens, one Player can have two fleets
- Manual
Age preference 4+
2-4 players
Game Duration 10-30 min.
Gaming mat 48 x 126 cm
Sailing Race in tube package 50 x ø 8 cm
Release 10.4.2019
MSRP US$23.90 world wide (VAT 0%)
OVH € 23.90 inside EU (incl. VAT 20%)

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