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Restore Notre Dame

 Restore Notre Dame 
- Help to restore the glory one of the most magnificent historical monuments in the world
- The idea of the game is to find the lost artefacts of Notre Dame and restore the building same time; while the job is not easy, cooperation speeds the task, but the right strategy is coming with skills and experience, so keep playing!
- Just as classic dice game but without dice.
- Rollable gaming mat, family friendly, easy to care.

Feel the vibes of human history in the game for the whole family (4+)

The package includes:
- Gaming mat made of anti-slip polyester fabric
- 4 player pawns of different colour
- 4 x 15 pcs game tokens and media-material stickers
- Instructions (choose language below)

Age preference 4+
2-4 players
Gaming time 20-40 min.
Gaming mat 48 x 74 cm
Package 50 x ø 8 cm
Release date 26.4.2019

MSRP US$23.95 world-wide (VAT 0%)
RRP € 23.95 inside EU (VAT 20%)

Restore Notre Dame -tube package 50 x ø 8 cm:


Order Restore Notre Dame -game (mat size 48 x 74 cm) RRP 19.95 € + TAX

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