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The Players establish a telecommunications company   
- to begin the business, the Player’s company has to rent network stations; the more stations/masts the Players’s Company has, the faster the business grow. 
- together with expanding the network, more services can be offered, the business profit grows.  
the profits are determined with the billing agreement payments once a “month”; the “month” is set by the calendar featured on the gaming board. Other Players are also obliged to pay the roaming fee. 
-  the game progresses by throwing the dice and by helicopter 
usage agreements of the network masts are also subject of internal trade in order to achieve better gaming strategy
activity cards bring more good news as well as some problems to solve            - the winner is the players who manage to make the biggest capital 

The Communications Game helps to learn business basics alongside the entertainment. Reality game for the whole family, 7+


The games can be described as multi-leveled, real life based and educative game for whole family. 
-  We suggest age limit of 7 and up. 
-  2-4 players, duration 60-180 min.
-  CE - marked    EAN - code 
-  Gaming board 58 x 100 cm (22.8 x 40 in.) 
-  Package 60 x ø 10 cm (23.2 x ø 4 in.)
-  Launch date 18th of April 2018 

Retail price  
MSRP US$29.90 world wide (+ local VAT)  
  RRP    € 29.90  EU EEC (VAT 20%) 

Communications in tube


Huge Rollable Gaming Board

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